2016 Takeda Lullaby ft. Lynn Dresel

by ArtistIvanChew

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Having discovered the Japanese Bubblegum Pop Heavy Metal band, Babymetal, I wanted to create a song along that feel. Serendipitously, I came across the traditional Japanese lullaby "Takeda no Komoriuta". I've heard that song before but never understood what it meant (until I read the Wikipedia entry). Playing around with the lyrics, I thought it would suit the arrangement I have in mind.

The next challenge was to find a female lead singer. It was my fortune to have my friend, the talented Ms Lynn Dresel, on board. She recorded her vocals on GarageBand and sent over the files. I did a mix, we exchanged comments in less than a day, and here it is.

The Burakumin backstory to the lyrics was especially poignant for me. Rather than envision this as a protest song (it's not), I saw it as a song of one's resolve to do better, in spite of whatever that is troubling us.

I had fun with it. Hope it rocks your day too.

Special mention to my Japanese friend and fellow Babymetal fan, Kanako H., who helped explained more of the backstory/ context of the lyrics, Burakumin etc.


Mori mo iyagaru, Bon kara saki-nya
Yuki mo chiratsuku-shi, Ko mo naku-shi

I would hate baby-sitting beyond Bon Festival,
The snow begins to fall, and the baby cries.

Kono ko you naku, Mori wo ba ijiru
Mori mo ichi-nichi, Yaseru-yara

This child continues to cry and is mean to me.
Every day I grow thinner.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Takeda_Lullaby


released May 22, 2016
Vocals: Lynn Dresel
Arrangement, Composition, Mixing: Ivan Chew




ArtistIvanChew Singapore

Artist. Musician. Former Librarian. Entrepreneur. Creative Commoner.

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