2015 Luna's Little Friend

by ArtistIvanChew

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A little ditty I composed as I was learning how to play the ukulele three days ago. Played with one for about a day after a friend lent me his. Thanks to online sites and YouTube videos, learning the basic chords and playing styles wasn't too hard given that I played the guitar. I decided I wanted to learn how to play a ukulele properly and bought one for keeps. Ended up buying a Luna Tenor HTT Ova www.lunaguitars.com/acousticproduct/httuke.php

I titled it as such cos the ukulele is by Luna and I think this neat little instrument will become my newfound best friend.

Recorded and mixed on Logic Pro X, via the ukulele's built in pickups. The recorded track would have been more resonant if recorded with a condenser mic, and the mastering would have been better balanced if I had done it via monitor speakers rather than headphones.

This tune is based on the chords of F, C, Dm and Bb and arranged with a repeated verse and chorus; 90 BPM. Feel free to add your lead melody or something.

This track is released under a CC-BY license; attribute it to "Ivan Chew ArtistIvanChew.tumblr.com". Drop me an email at artistivanchew@gmail.com if you enjoyed the track.


released February 17, 2015




ArtistIvanChew Singapore

Artist. Musician. Former Librarian. Entrepreneur. Creative Commoner.

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